Brea Olinda Class of 1957 Reunion

Included Classes 1954 -1960

More or Less --- and this event was in year 2002 (homecoming)




These are some of the pictures from the Brea Reunion and Homecoming Game of 2002. The pictures are in three groups, the tailgate at the high school, at the Embassy, and at Tapps on Saturday afternoon.


This was actually the class of 1957's 45th reunion and they invited the classes from 1954 through 1960, or thereabout. Actually, I think everyone was welcome but only the classes with representation on the committee were notified because that is all the names and updated lists that they had. What a great committee, Judy (Buckman) Clodt, Sharon (Alexander) Dean, Curtis Pitts, Curtis Auer, Carl Auer, Lee Anne Blystone, Pattie (Durbin) Hale, Mary Mickey, Tamara French and several others I am sure. To the guys whose names I do not now have who worked on the committee we thank you equally and our apologies and as soon as we are aware of your name it will be acknowledged. Thanks to all of you guys for a great time. Probably no one but me has ever looked at these pages because I have 'zero' notification of corrections or names....? hmmn...


As far as future events,,,,there are now several websites relating to Brea Olinda Union High School. I will post all the links here soon. Also I will try to keep as much information as I can gather posted here in case anyone wants it. is no longer active; I will try to find some other sites. Now with "Facebook" these sites are no longer needed it seems. I just don't like facebook much, but I don't know it that well either and I don't condem it at all -- I just don't like it---much. I like almost everything a little.


If you will fill out the form while you are here I will forward it to the appropriate committee people and also maintain a database of alumni at this site.


You can download these pictures if you want, just right click and "save picture as". If you have trouble downloading or saving pictures email me and I will help you. To help identify everyone I will number all the pic's and you can email me @ cecate AT pacbell DOT com with identities and I will update the page.....Or you can call John Roberts for phone numbers.

These are the pictures from Tapps on Saturday, ancient now, way back in 2002; Guess I have not done a very good job on keeping this website current!

1. Byron Scott, Gail Ledbetter, Ann Robinson

Linda Webb, Harlan Selway, Curtis Pitts

2. Adrian Ledbetter, Bill Bath


Byron Scott and Coach Tucker

3. Byron Scott and Coach Tucker

4. Carol Taylor, Linda Webb, Gail Ledbetter , ? , Curtis Pitts

5. Help me out here...I have to go to Gary Oulrey, and that is ? JoAnn? then Curtis Auer and Jim Hughes with the shades and tie.

6. I can't make out anyone except Curt Auer, I see Jim Hughes behind the gal with the blond hair, and I think that is the older of the Auer's with his arms folded....

7. Cecila Savala, thats Sue Thayer-Roberts behind the one I can't recognize in yellow and the guy? to the rt.

8. Linda Webb, Harlan Selway, Curt Pitts, Don Holly, Gail (Jamison) Stukas, Gail Ledbetter, Ann Robinson, ?.

9. gal, Curt Auer, Adrian

10. Dave Wagner, Loy Watkins, Mike Perdew,

11. Curt Auer's wife Elaine, Mary Mickey, Barb Pitts & Curtis (bro')

12. Gail, Curt, Adrian, Ann's husband

13. That be Harold Stukas, Wanda Smith & husband Ken, Don Dennis behind Wanda ?, ?, ?, Curt A.?, Gary O.

14. Elaine, Mary Mickey, Barb, Curt and Jim Hughes

15. Cort's wife Judy, Linda (Carnahan)Webb, and Gail Ledbetter.

16. Ron Kelly

17. Larry Dean and Mary Micky

18. Mary (Shaffer) Oulrey, Carol Taylor, ?

19. ?, Mike Perdew, Jack Durbin, Don Walter, George Cook

20. Gary Oulrey, Curtis Auer, Jim Hughes,

21. ?, Sue, John Roberts?

22. Gail (Jamison) Stukas, Ken & Wanda,

23. Jim Webb & Curtis Pitts

24. Jim and Byron

25. Brother Pitts

26. Adrain, Bonnie Bath, Bill Bath

27. Kelly & ?

28. Adrain +