Curtis Pitts

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Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts, August 23, 2019:

Halleluljiah! God is good! Curtis had the results of his PET scan today. There are NO new cancer tumors. Many of the old tumors have shrunk. The horrible carboplatin that has made him so very sick has worked...and thank goodness, he had his last treatment of that 3 weeks ago. He will continue every three weeks forever with the immunotherapy, and another chemo called alimta...but, both of them have few to non side effects. He is still very weak, anemic, etc from the after effects of the chemo BUT, the doc says that it is possible that in another month or so all the poison will be out of his system and feeling better.....I was at AAA after the doc's visit as I decided to break down and get a handicapped placard as it is so hard for Curt to walk great distances rightnow....Happened to get talking with a guy with the EXACT same diagnosis, looked wonderfully healthy, said he has been diagnosed for 2 years(and was there planning a cruise!) and says that as a result of the immunotherapy, and a targeted gene therapy that he is taking he has been great for quite some time.....It has all and all been a wonderful, wonderful day. THank you to ALL of you for your support, continued prayers and love....ALL of it has helped us on this journey,and will continue to do so.....We are CELEBRATING!


Love, Barbara

Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts, June 24, 2019:

Curtis was able to attend his 63rd high school reunion of the Brea Olinda class of 56 on Friday! SO, some of the names on this list already know how Curtis is doing...they picnicked with him all day Friday!

We have WONDERFUL news! Curt had a 3rd PET scan on Thurs 6/13....The results show that he has NO new tumors, and many of the old tumors have either stayed the same, shrunk, or in a few cases disappeared.....That is after 3 of the combo chemo plus immunotherapy. SO, he will continue with the combined treatment....will have another PET scan in 9, we are feeling very very positive.

We are tentatively planning a brief trip to Arkansas in August to see Curt's cousin, Don. He is currently in the hospital in Texas, but, is talking about going back home and continuing his rehab treatment closer to home.

Thank you all for all your prayers, thoughts, visits, and emails....We feel that aside from the miracle of modern medicine, we know that it is the support we have received from you all that has held us up during these last few months.


Love, Barbara

Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts, April 12, 2019:

Dear friends and family, The news this week is decidedly mixed. The PET scan that Curtis had on Wed revealed the shrinkage of some tumors, but many new tumors, in the shoulder, the left hip(it had only been the right) and both femurs. As a result, Curtis will be starting next week on chemotherapy. We continue to find pleasure in each day and laugh about something at LEAST once a know Curt is a very funny guy!

I'll try to touch base after Easter, which will also be after his first chemo to see what his responses might be. LOVE TO YOU ALL! Thank you, as always, for all of your loving support.

Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts, March 22, 2019:

Had another keytruda infusion today. The oncologist says that we need to consider that the PET scan that Curtis has scheduled in 2 weeks may show too little improvement(this is based on his pain continuing unabated, and his voice still impaired) IF it does show little improvement then he will discontinue the keytruda and start with two different traditional chemotherapy drugs. The PET scan is 4/10. Please say special prayers on that day. We both refuse to be discouraged until we get the actual results. They are also referring us to a pain doctor to consider some kind of nerve block/epidural for the pain in his hip.

There just doesn't seem to be much else to add....Guess I will go off and try to finish our taxes. IMAGINE that the day has come when the TAXES sound like something uplifting:-)

Love to you all....Barbara

Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts Mar 2, 2019,

Well, I am writing perhaps sooner than you expected....but, I think it might be good to get on a regular schedule(for me, anyway!) Curtis had his 5th immunotherapy infusion on Friday, as well as an injection to strengthen his bones, most particularly the right hip which is eaten up by the cancer. As I said in the last letter, there is still no improvement on the pain in the hip, but the radiation oncologist assures us that improvement could still come, sometimes several months after the end of treatment. They have added some more meds for pain....and he is definitely weaker.

Having said that, however.....yesterday Jack and Darlene Durbin came by to visit. They are in Brea from their home in Arizona, and we had a blast looking at the pics of the home that Jack is building outside of Kingman. and Wednesday, my brother and sister in law, Max and Ellen, are coming to visit for a few days until Saturday...SO, he may be weakened...but, he sure can sit on the couch and tell his usual stories(that memory about what happened in say, 1950 in Brea is still there) And I will say that sometimes, just when the spirit is flagging, we will get a card from one of you that is funny, or will get a text that one of you is praying for us.....and the spirit rises!

I am particularly liking the Mardi Gras pictures on facebook from my Louisiana friends, and we got a great text from Glenn Duplechin who is now on his way to Cajun Mardi Gras in Eunice with more old Lake CHarles friends...Glenn and Nancy escorted a bunch of us several years ago and it was a blast....Music, boudin, and boiled eggs....and beer, of COURSE beer! To all of you thinking of Mardi Gras....laissez les bon temps rouler!

Unless something changes, I'll write next after the treatment of Mar 22.....Curt is scheduled for another PET scan on April 10 which will give us a complete pic of his body and what is happening in there....

LOVE to you all!

Curt's Progress Emails

Curtis Pitts Sat, Feb 23,

Dear family, friends,

As I peruse the above list.....and if I have forgotten someone that you know of,please send this on....we realize how lucky we are to have so many of you that are calling on us, praying for us, thinking of us, and loving us....SURELY, this amount of love should be curative.

BUT, it is slow going right now. On Monday, Curt will have finished 14 days of radiation...every day but weekends...yuck....and as he is on so much medication, I have become the unpaid uber driver. Curt keeps saying he COULD drive if I would just let him. BUT, I am pretty sure that the charges for an accident or ticket would not only put him IN jail..but, perhaps under it:-)

There has been NO improvement in Curt's pain...The radiation oncologist had told us that 80% of patients have reduction in pain....Guess Curt is not lucky enough to be in that group. She did say that there can be some improvement after the radiation is, we will continue to hope for that. She also suggested another med for pain which we pick up today.

SO no more radiation. We are scheduled for Curt's next infusion of the main treatment, immunotherapy, on March 1, then 3 weeks after that for another scan to see if there is any improvement. I don't expect to be writing again until or unless there is something new....Having said that....we LOVE to hear about what you are doing, anything would be interesting unless it is a recap of TV shows(which have seen entirely too many of lately) MUCH LOVE to all of you....We can't imagine going through this without each and every one of you.....Barbara(the faithful scribe!) and Curtis