Sunday October 2, 2016:

Not a lot to report today but we will make a tiny contribution.

It is like October??? how did that happen? I am still working on February and just barely.

I am working on a sales page for the items I want to offer online at bargain prices. It is at best another month away at this point.

Sunday September 25, 2016:

Harvest Festival in Arroyo Grande this weekend:

Watch for redesigned website coming soon!

There will be more content here soon. Most likely there will be many bargain offerings to begin with.

How many words can you learn a day?

You can learn about seven(7) words a day. Any more and you won't be able to remember them. Your brain can only receive five to seven words a day.

From my personal experience, 10 is a good number if you're cramming new words for the SAT or TOEFL test. Just remember to start accumulating words 3-4 months before the test. One month after the test day, you'll find yourself forgetting 40% of the words.

If you're learning in a long run, remember to learn at most 7 words per day, as the user above indicated. More and you'll definitely fail.

I used to learn 24 words per day (!) using flashcard, and after three months I amassed 2000 pieces of flashcards. Sadly only around 800-900 of them turned into a part of my vocabulary and ready to be used. The rest was useless. Hundreds of hours and papers were wasted for nothing.

Saturday September 24, 2016:

Harvest Festival in Arroyo Grande this weekend

Thursday May 19, 2016:

The Brea Group of friends has come and gone and we all had a wonderful time together. The Picnic is still scheduled for June 19th at Carbon Canyon Park.

Sunday April 10, 2016:

Saturday April 9, 2016:

Suffice to say, it will have to be, that I have missed a few days. I am not giving the details but they were frustrating and are not totally resolved yet; unfortunately I expect about another week in repair work to get on some sort of level plane. My AutoCAD is also in disrepair and I have challenges there too.

I have not communicated with any of the Brea group but there are several due here in Pismo on or about May 3, 2016 and I will 'try' to post information and photos around that time; as well as update the actual mates and dates.

Friday April 8, 2016:

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Sunday April 3, 2016:

Grange Pancake Breakfast

First Sunday of the month I usually have pancake breakfast at the Grange on 13th Street in Grover Beach; most of the time Jim Webb and I meet there and sometimes with other friends too. Not that great a deal @ $5.00 but okay and usually see some old friends. The Grange has been doing this on the first Sunday of the month for as long as I remember here in Grover Beach, formerly Grover City, and the San Luis Obispo branch also has the similar event.

Saturday April 2, 2016:

Brea Olinda Union High School

Today I received a notice from my Health Insurance Provider notifying me of a 6% increase because of increasing medical costs. But the government told me that there was no inflation in 2015 and consequently our Social Security Repayments (more often called benefit payments even though the social security administration is merely returning the money that I had to deposit with them all my working life without choice) had no cost of living increase (originally guaranteed in the plan) because according to the governments creative bookkeeping there was 0% inflation. Duh?

Friday April 1, 2016: Tis that day again...big stuff happening...

Don't you just hate those Online links that offer something you may be interested in but when you click and go there the content promised is buried beneath heaps of other crap? There are so many things I have less tolerance for now days but I suppose that is to be expected. I was watching a rerun, actually a Netflix DVD, of Boston Legal ( I loved that show) and something was said about politics (could apply to almost anything though) and William Shatner's character, Denny Crane, quipped, "no matter what you think 50% are against you. How true that seems particularly in politics and for that reason it simply does not offer any rewards to get involved in anything political unless someone is paying you a lot of money for it... Money being key here. But what to heck, money is key to almost everything. It seems to me.

Thursday March 31, 2016:

Going back a little

Reality continues and it is going to be April Fool's Day again tomorrow!!! Darnit too fast!

Probably does not show much yet but I am getting a better grip on the code work for the site and within a couple more days I expect to show a major change in the page layout. Also have some of the links on the drop-down menus above working a little better but not yet are they in good shape, couple more days there too. Side effect of cleaning this site up is seeing content that was posted years (YEARS) back. I came across a posting on December 13, 2007, (Jim Webb's BD he was only 69), where I was complaining of how fast time was passing, (sadly I must report that it has not slowed at all and while I hate to be branded a sniveler I got to say it is actually going about twice as fast now as it was that short NINE (9) YEARS back) and I also was writing about plagiarism at that time too.

While prowling days gone by I stumbled on this little saying --- "Good judgment comes from experience; and experience, well, that comes from bad judgment." _ Anonymous. --- anyways, I thought it sort of hits a mark>>> yeah, Mark Twain probably said it too!.

It may be noticeable that I miss a day here fairly regularly; the reason is that I run out of time and I am slow. I just catch what days I can but I do try to work here a little every day as I firmly believe that what I heard said once or more time in the past is that when doing this type of thing one should do it every day! I could expand on that but no use as it seems to me only logical to presume it is true I know it does work for me much better when I am doing any job if I make sure I work on it a little each day.

Tuesday March 29, 2016:

In the bit below on Monday I mentioned a little about plagiarism and got to thinking about it and kinda want to follow the thought a ways.

Except to say that in this world today just about everything that is said has been said by someone else before; in that respect it would seem then to follow that everything written or thought is then, by definition, literally plagiarized. I mean, could not one make a case for that thought? Then if so perhaps plagiarism should be even more strictly defined. But of course it is really a bit deeper than what I first thought, usually everything is, and a little closer look tells me plagiarism is more about truth that copy.

In all fairness this thought is far from new as the extensive various and convoluted definitions of plagiarism already attest to the difficulty that comes with the vein of thought. For sure it is very likely that any true plagiarist will excessively defend their position, of course. Who knows? I am raving on about something that I really know nothing about; it has always seemed to me that if one is telling the truth then to hell with it someone else can't own the words I want to use. I would defend that principal vigorously always. But when you begin drifting from the truth, as is seemingly politically correct and required these days (hey let's face it, look at history it was the same crap at the very first constitutional conventions and I am sure even prior to that), that, drifting away from the truth, then is treading on thin ice and could easily lead to the "subject", factually and from where there will be no escape, given today's media, and if caught red-handed. Oh, eventually you will be forgiven by the masses but the learned few will never forget or forgive. If you have read this far then perhaps you would like to take a look at this link. I kinda like this train of thought and may pursue it further a little later on.

Monday March 28, 2016:

The challenges continue here and my response surely appears weak at best; it is. Still I am trying and I have faith I will make some progress. Being a realist (much of the time) I do realize that vein of thought is rather optimistic; but what the heck I have always loved optimism and practiced it the entire trip. What is it I am talking about (you say)...doesn't matter everything is mostly bull crap anyway and given sufficient opportunity (that being time) we can find a spin that works, uh, for some that is.

Given that the link to the Brea Reunion is visible from here I won't mess with relocating it (the link) right now as the working plan for this page will include a sidebar that allows easy access to many other sites and useful links. See, can't believe anything you read...moved the link anyway after I said wouldn't. Actually it only takes about 5 seconds so what to heck...

I do feel a bit bad that I did not find anything to post for Easter but I may make it all up later.

I do realize that I have a lot of broken links and incomplete menus here and I know that is not the way a web design should be but I offer in some form of reason (please do not ask what that form may be )in that I I've had everything working at some time in the past ( very likely no visitor could verify that one way or the other) and it was totally functional once upon on a time.

While I fully realize that nothing I am presenting here now would suggest it but at one time I had a pretty good grip on Web design as well as having this site and at least one other site functioning quite well...That's my story anyway and I did not plagiarize that. Except to say that in this world today just about everything that is said has been said by someone else before; in that respect it would seem then to follow that everything written or thought is then, by definition, literally plagiarized. I mean, could not one make a case for that thought? Then if so perhaps plagiarism should be even more strictly defined.

In all fairness this thought is far from new as the extensive various and convoluted definitions of plagiarism already attest to the difficulty that comes with the vein of thought. For sure it is very likely that most any accused plagiariser will excessively defend their position, of course. Who knows? I am raving on about something that I really know nothing about; it has always seemed to me that if one is telling the truth then to hell with it someone else can't own the words I want to use. I would defend that principal vigorously always. But when you begin drifting from the truth, as is seemingly politically correct and required, that then is treading on thin ice and could easily lead to the subject, factually and from which there is no escape, if caught red-handed. Oh, eventually you will be forgiven by the masses but the learned few will never forget. If you have read this far then perhaps you would like to take a look at this link.

Saturday March 26, 2016:

We keep the Brea reunion announcement flier posted until after the event.

Also there will be more photos posted in May because a group of classmates will be visiting Pismo Beach in early May. Maybe we can get some conversations posted also.

Friday March 25, 2016:

Talking fast here

I can only say that this is not really coming easier for me. I have so many files and there has been more than one occasion that a mistake was made in the managing of these files. Cleaning it up is a bit complicated.

Thursday March 24, 2016:

The Reunion Link will be here until after the event

I am still having problems with my code here. Yeah, I know, I didn't really need to tell anyone that; actually I am working on it and even though you may not see it I have made some progress.

I am all excited about the June picnic reunion and look forward to seeing old friends.

Tuesday March 22, 2016:


  • Ugly Animals Are Ignored by Scientists, While the Big-Eyed and Cute Get All the Attention

    Displayed Publishing Date: Wed, 03/16/2016 - 14:12


    Ugly Animals Are Ignored by Scientists, While the Big-Eyed and Cute Get All the Attention

    A new study finds that scientists are just like the rest of us.
    March 16, 2016

    Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Gallinago_media

    There is a reason the Internet loves videos of kittens and puppies andsquealing baby sloths and slow loriseseating rice balls. They are adorable to look at, and anyone who says otherwise has a heart made out of everything terrible in the world. This special affection for cute animals is a universally human trait. There’s even a theory that the desire to care for big-eyed little things, human or otherwise, is built into our DNA.

    You might expect that scientists would avoid the cuteness trap and focus on conservation studies across the board, with little or no regard for how fuzzy wuzzy the animal is. But scientists are people too, and they have the same biases as the rest of us. A new study finds that as a consequence, ugly animals don’t get nearly the amount of attention as cute animals.

    Those are the findings of an Australian study published in Mammal Review. Study authors examined 331 Australian terrestrial species and put them into three categories: the good (kangaroos and koalas), the bad (“introduced and invasive species such as rabbit and foxes”) and the ugly (bats, rodents, etc.) They then analyzed books, journals and other materials published since 1900 to find out how often the animals—good, bad and ugly—appeared.

    They found that good animals had mostly been studied for their anatomy, while bad animals had been studied with population control in mind. The ugly animals, though? Those poor guys were largely given the cold shoulder, appearing in just 1,587 out of the 14,248 materials studied—even though they make up 45 percent of the animals included in the study.

    "We know so little about the biology of many of these species. For many, we have catalogued their existence through genetics or taxonomic studies, but when it comes to understanding what they eat, their habitat needs, or how we could improve their chances of survival, we are very much still in the dark," study author Patricia Fleming writes. "These smaller animals make up an important part of functioning ecosystems, a role that needs greater recognition through funding and research effort."

    That news sucks for bats and other uglies, though I’d argue anyone who thinks bats are ugly has never seen the video below:

    (h/t Mental Floss)

    Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.


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    Wednesday March 16, 2016:

    UPDATE More on Fed... Hey, This is what The Jeykll Island Book (below) is ABOUT

    Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen denied she was constrained by the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank’s recent easing moves.

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The Federal Reserve’s decision on Wednesday to hold rates steady and pencil in fewer rate hikes reflects a central bank feeling its way through tremendous uncertainty.

    “The Fed is driving on a cliff road on a foggy night, it makes sense to go slow,” said Kim Schoenholtz, an economists professor at NYU Stern School of Business.

    Zachary Karabell, head of global strategy at Envestnet, agreed.

    “I think the Fed should be uncertain,” given that all the models the central bank used to rely on have been breaking down over the past seven years.

    The global environment feathers very low inflation, low long-term interest rates and there’s not a lot monetary policy can do to move the needle of demand, Karabell said.

    “The world is too fluid. It is a little crazy out there,” is how former St. Louis Fed President William Poole put it before the U.S. central bank meeting.

    After two days of talks, Fed officials held rates steady for the second straight meeting due to “global economic and financial developments in recent months.” They penciled in only two rate hike this year, down from four in December.

    See: Fed leaves interest rates unchanged, sees only two hikes in 2016

    Karabell took issue with Yellen’s statement during the press conference that U.S. monetary policy is “somehow constrained” by the fact that other major global central banks, such as the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, are adopting easier policy measures.

    Fed officials know that if they tighten rate policy, money will flow into the U.S. and rates will drop.

    It’s a more significant factor but Yellen “would take a lot of heat” if she mention it because the global interest-rate environment is not part of the Fed’s mandate from Congress, he said.

    Schoenholtz said the so-called “dot-plot” was the most interesting part of the Fed’s post-meeting communication despite Yellen’s attempt to downplay its significance.

    “There was not a lot of news in the statement but there was more content in the dot plot,” he said.

    The Fed revised down the path of rates and also lowered the so-called neutral funds rate, or the level of interest rates where the economy could grow without engendering inflation.

    “The dot plot is useful, the Fed shouldn’t scrap it,” he said.

    He endorsed a recent paper by leading economists and a former Fed governor to improve the dot plot by tying the dots to a specific economic forecast.

    More from MarketWatch

    Wednesday March 16, 2016:

    Another Gasoline Crash UP

    The stock market gained almost 75 pts today but Oil gave back .84 to 36.34 and gasoline, well when it is going down they wait a while but if it hiccups up they quickly raise the gas least it appears that way to me.

    Someone (Charter{my ISP} I think) has my website, this one,, blocked. I am going to find out for sure who has it blocked and then see what/why I hope.

    Just now got the program back up and it is bed time. If able I will add content later today but likely not until Thursday (I sure hope by then).

    I need to bitch some more about the oil/gasoline crisis. Oil was down a bit today so look for another raise in gasoline at the pump, in California, as they have us hooked and we just keep paying. Somewhere around $34.00 bucks a barrel Gas was at its recent (several years) low in Santa Maria because I paid $1.95 and just over 12 days later it is up $.75 at that same pump(s) $2.70.

    Monday March 14, 2016:

    More on the Jekyll Island BookThe Creature From Jekyll IslandThis book is quite large and covers a lot of history. The author makes compelling arguments and comparisons of current and historical events. I have not read the text but have it as an audio-book and I have listened to it at least three times and it is a 24 hour recording. If you are interested it is on Audible. It is my belief that one should view everything with guarded skepticism. I have been around long enough (really) to have learned something you may or may not know, "everyone lies". Hey I just said above that I believed you should view everything with some skepticism, if I believe that everyone lies, and I would bet a whole bunch on it, then of course you must understand that I too can, could and have lied. Enough of that, I am only making a point that we can never believe everything we read hear or even see and we are charged with doing our own due diligence in all matters.

    Oh, as to my editing of the website I have made a little progress but it may be a bit difficult to see. It is a work in progress and I will continue I hope. Most at fault are my drop-down menus above. I am slow at relearning about how to code some of these things and I just hope I am able to eventually prevail. Probably I am the only person that really gives a hoot.

    My friend who keeps track of the rain for our area tells me that we are nearing the 23 inch mark and I think he says that is since October 2015 working on six months and the 23 inch number is what we believe is the expected "average" rainfall for our area specifically Arroyo Grande, California. Please don't quote me or take as gospel the 23 inch number as I am pulling it from my memory and that is stored in a very crowed traffic area and could be totally wrong.

    Sunday March 13, 2016:

    Daylight Saving Time Again

    Time changed at 0200 this morning (Spring Forward). I usually miss it or forget but someone reminded me last night and I got it in here; just in case someone needs to know.

    Duh! I just realized that the menus above are not working properly and I apologize and I will try to get it repaired soon.

    I will post more about it soon but I recently listened to an audio-book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

    Publisher's Summary

    This classic expose of the Fed has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magician's secrets are unveiled. Here is a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A boring subject? Just wait. You'll be hooked in five minutes. It reads like a detective story - which it really is, but it's all true.

    This book is about the most blatant scam of history. It's all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity. Your world view will definitely change. Putting it quite simply, this may be the most important book on world affairs you will ever read.

    The 5th Edition includes a no-holds barred analysis of bank bailouts under the Bush and Obama Administrations that are shown to be nothing less than legalized plunder of the American people. Many other updates have been added, including a revision to the list of those who attended the historic meeting at Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve was created. ©1994 G. Edward Griffin (P)2013

    Saturday March 12, 2016:

    Hey, how about those gas prices?

    Here, Central Coast of California, prices are probably higher than in most of the areas of the U.S. But just this last week at the place I use that usually has the lowest price, Foods Co. in Santa Maria, Ca. the price jumped about 25% in one lousy week! I bought gas there about a week ago for $1.95 gallon and today it was an unmerciful $2.49. Well, we foolish Americans have let them have their way with us and seemingly they think they can continue and so far they have/are. Come on America, we have to do something about this crap. Oh, too, how do you like congress feeding us this crap that there was no inflation in 2015 thus no cost of living increase for Social Security; and Obama did nothing about it! Hey, how much of this hidden taxation (inflation) without representation are we going to take. I haven't looked it up but I would bet a bunch that Congress got a raise somehow.

    Friday March 11, 2016:

    Updates in Progress

    We are working on major updates and anticipate several days of continued discord.

    At the same time we are experiencing negative results from our upgrade (??) to Window 10. Anyone willing to share experience and solutions to Windows 10 (messing with files) problems we would appreciate a heads up at

    Thursday March 10, 2016:

    Happy 19th Birthday to Grandson Kevin Candela

    Kevin Candela, 19 years old today!

    Hi Kev, hope you have a really happy birthday and I look forward to seeing you soon. It seems like yesterday (pic) now you are ending the teens. Good Luck Always, granpa. Oh, if you get a chance send me a current picture...thanks.

    Wednesday March 9, 2016:

    Repeat Yesterday's "International Women's Day"

    Tuesday March 8, 2016:

    International Women's Day

    Praise and support to our women throughout the World. Women will prevail but they appreciate and can use our support as they respond to their unique challenges; personal, political and particularly health and well being.

    I would like to share a response received from Ashley Knowles (info at end of document) as follows. We will continue and try to increase our support of all women's causes here with our resources. cortez cate


    I came across this page of your site and noticed that you are linking to and other women's health resources. With yesterday being International Women's Day I felt compelled to reach out and thank you for these efforts – this is a mission I have been deeply involved in as well. If I may have just a moment of your time, I wanted to talk to you about an under served segment among women – and also suggest an addition to your page.

    Women are confronted with unique challenges regarding mental health, addiction and stigmas that often act as a barrier to receiving the treatment and help they need.

    While there are many unique addiction and mental health resources available for women, none of them are comprehensive and specifically tailored to addiction among women. After research across the resources available on the web, the AAC team noticed the absence of a centralized resource designed to help understand the basics of mental health, alcohol use and addiction within this demographic and offer guidance on navigating support systems. They decided to fill this gap of knowledge.

    The result is this page:

    This page summarizes available governmental, organizational and other resources and makes them easily accessible to those searching for assistance. It includes dozens of the latest studies and external resources for women seeking information and assistance. We hope that the quality of this page and the importance of the subject matter merits inclusion on your page alongside the other resources you have provided – or elsewhere on your website.

    Thank you so much for your time. If you have the chance, please let me know what we need to do to have this page included as a resource. If you are not responsible for modifications to this page, apologies for the miscommunication, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

    Thank you,

    Ashley Knowles

    Friday March 4, 2016:

    Repairs going very slow!

    I think I made a mistake by going ahead and downloading Win 10. I am not at all convinced the O.S. is much ahead of the miserable (my opinion) Win 8. I am going to give it a fair try but I am not impressed yet.

    On top of the computer crash I am also having some vehicle difficulties.

    Thursday March 3, 2016:

    My big crash finally sees some repair!

    As that is not enough here all of a sudden we have had a February 29 (heard that this is a "double" leap year) and this year is passing in super record time. I just can't help griping about the time it seems although I have said several times that I would quit bitching about it.

    Now I have to relearn a bunch of stuff I should know really well. Then I must remember I was not the best disciplined of students and missed a few days/classes that I could really use now, too I went to school in Brea and a few of us use that (jokingly, because it was a really good school, and good teachers, super good as a matter of fact will be my statement) as an excuse for being so retarded.

    I know what happened (almost) to the machine and my website and hopefully I can get to the real bottom of it before it happens again. Problem is that I just have to much to do and I am too slow.

    So I am going onward right now and will get a better explanation up sometime this week will be my goal.

    Monday January 19, 2016:

    Walmart New Openings!

    Like I said before (or should have said) I personally don't know or have a clue to anything about Walmart. My statement that the economy was not good is still something I believe but these store closings probably do not support that thought as I initially believed they may. Because, Walmart said that it's still sticking to its plan announced last year to open 50 to 60 super-centers, 85 to 95 Neighborhood Markets and 7 to 10 Sam's Clubs in the U.S. during the fiscal year that begins Feb. 1. Outside the U.S., Walmart plans to open 200 to 240 stores; now according to my math (remember I went to school in Brea) there will be a net increase in the number of Walmart stores to anywhere from 73 to 136 STORES. However the new stores NEW square footage will be much larger than the 73-136 number suggests. Still, Walmart, shares have suffered a good bit during the year and following the announcements. The larger impact is of course how Walmart manages the employee situation. More on that later.

    So in view of all this I have been reading the comments of folks around the states and it is at the very least interesting. Many comments are a little far out but who knows, some may be correct in their assessments. Personally I would not trust any big corporation to do the right thing. I think they all have only one objective, profit. I do not say that is necessarily wrong but it is wrong if they try to project a false image while maintaining that corporate culture. Smart folks can produce really good arguments to support their positions and the basis of fact often is totally absent. If not totally absent the clever ones find a way to twist facts to support their ideals...NO, ideals is not the correct word, I think selective positions is a better way of putting it. Like did Johnnie Cochran really believe O.J. was innocent?

    Saturday January 16, 2016:

    Walmart to close 269 stores!


    Neither am I an economist but this does not look like a good sign to me. Also, in case you did not know, the Dow was down over 500 points at one time Friday and closed under 16,000.

    Follow this link (end of paragraph) to see if your store is among the ones closing but you would likely already know I suppose because I know they are closing one in Oakland, Ca on January 17 and according to my calendar that be Sunday. I think most of the others are closing on January 28, 2016 but think about it they have a lot of inventory to relocate and they aren't wasting any time thinking about it. Look here for the map.

    Friday January 15, 2016:

    Seven Traits of Successful People

    Wanna be successful? Check it out.

    There is no royal road to learning or so I have heard.

    Yesterdays link to Historical Events is still available.

    Thursday January 14, 2016:

    Today In History.

    What Happened This Day In History Take a look, pretty interesting list of events; of course that is true of every day.

    Now it is nearly the middle of the first month.

    I am not finding content that I like and therefore I will continue searching.

    Monday January 11, 2016:

    Just like that


    is for sure here and I have been away from this site not doing a very good job.

    Hopefully I am going to start to step things up here and maybe get something going.

    Saturday December 12, 2015:

    December 12 is the 346th day of the year

    (347th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. For us that are mathematically challenged there remains only 19 days and then 2016 is off and running....


    Friday December 11, 2015:

    Tis The Season

    Well, the banks and retailers pray that it is the season for you to empty your wallet or max your card in their store.

    I read on the interned that the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and such this year. That is in the neighborhood of $465 billion according to the National Retail Federation estimates. So too they say that if all that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs. (I assume they mean 'new jobs'). Too, they say, that if each of us spent just $64 on American made goods, in the season, that little effort 'could' create some 200,000 new jobs. Or so "THEY" say. I attended school that was not real heavy on teaching math, or perhaps more accurately said, "I is pretty poor at math", but don' 64 go into 700 about 11 times? Is 11 times 200,000 equal to 4.6 million? See there is so much I don't understand about finance and such>>> perhaps this is how banks make so much money after all it is only numbers. (:

    Sunday November 29, 2015:

    How Did Christmas Start?

    *The explanation given below is not verified and should not be used for citing articles nor strongly relied on.
    Christmas or "Christ's Mass," the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, began in European and Middle Eastern Christendom in the 3rd Century. These early celebrations, feasts, or "Masses" were not standardized or widely held. It is thought that the early Christians did not widely celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is most likely true since the primary focus was on His life, crucifixion, and particularly His resurrection (Easter).

    There certainly were some early celebrations. Early writings including a "feast calendar" written in 243AD indicate that there were some celebrations in the third century and perhaps in the second century. Christmas celebrations did not gain widespread prominence however until the Middle Ages or starting from around 400AD.

    These celebrations began and occurred in the areas where Christianity started and spread, the areas around the Mediterranean, including the Middle East, North Africa, southern Europe.

    Christmas day, December 25, is not necessarily the actual date of Christ's birth. The true date may not be known because we lack enough information to pinpoint it precisely. (Beware that there are many who claim to have calculated the actual date and are most likely no more accurate than December 25.) Other dates including December 25 were used for this feast.

    December 25 was settled on by the early church for reasons that are not absolutely clear (but there are some logical reasons for that date).


    The Most Successful Christmas Albums Ever


    If you're planning a holiday party, festive get-together or hosting Christmas dinner, playing Christmas music is a great way to keep guests entertained. However, choosing from (MORE)

    Thursday November 26, 2015: Thanksgiving Day

    What is the history of Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving Day can be traced back to the 1621 celebration at the Plymouth Plantation, where the religious refugees from England known popularly as the Pilgrims invited the local Native Americans to a harvest feast after a particularly successful growing season. The previous year's harvests had failed and in the winter of 1620 half of the pilgrims had starved to death.

    The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899) Luckily for the rest, members of the local Wampanoag tribe taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn, beans and squash (the Three Sisters); catch fish, and collect seafood. There are only two contemporary accounts of the 1621 Thanksgiving, but it's clear that Turkey was not on the menu. The three-day feast included goose, lobster, cod and deer.

    So why do Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

    American servicemen chow down to a turkey dinner in 1918American servicemen chow down to a turkey dinner in 1918

    Pilgrim Edward Winslow wrote a letter about that now-famous meal in 1621 which mentioned a turkey hunt before the dinner.

    Another theory says the choice of turkey was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I who was eating dinner when she heard that Spanish ships had sunk on their way to attack England.

    Queenie was so thrilled with the news she ordered another goose be served. Some claim early US settlers roasted turkeys as they were inspired by her actions.

    Others say that as wild turkeys are native to North America, they were a natural choice for early settlers.

    Who set the date of Thanksgiving Day?

    'The National Thanksgiving Proclamation' was the first formal proclamation of Thanksgiving in America. The first President of the United States George Washington made this proclamation on October 3, 1789.

    Then in 1846, author Sarah Josepha Hale waged a one-woman campaign for Thanksgiving to be recognised as a truly national holiday.

    Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale conspired to fix Thankgiving Day across the US Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale conspired to fix Thankgiving Day across the US

    In the US the day had previously been celebrated only in New England and was largely unknown in the American South. All the other states scheduled their own Thanksgiving holidays at different times, some as early as October and others as late as January.

    Hale's advocacy for the national holiday lasted 17 years and four presidencies before the letter she wrote to Lincoln was successful. In 1863 at the height of the Civil War he supported legislation which established a national holiday of Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

    Lincoln perhaps wanted the date to tie in with the anchoring of the Mayflower at Cape Cod, which occurred on November 21, 1620. Although we now use the Gregorian calendar. In 1621 the date would have been November 11 to the Pilgrims who used the Julian calendar.

    So Hale finally got her wish. She is perhaps now better known, though, for writing the nursery rhyme 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.


    In 1939, President Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up a week to try and give a boost to retailers before Christmas during the Great Depression.

    President Franklin D Roosevelt and wife Eleanor celebrate Thanksgiving Day 1935

    Several states followed FDR’s lead but 16 states refused move the holiday shift, leaving the country with rival Thanksgivings. FDR changed his mind after coming under pressure from Congress and in 1941, the a resolution was passeed returning the holiday to the fourth Thursday of November.

    Atlantic City mayor Thomas D. Taggart later described the Thanksgiving holiday from 1939–1941 as "Franksgiving".

    There are still two Thanksgivings

    Canadians mark Turkey Day, too, in fact it was the first country to do so. Canada celebrates a separate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

    It was first celebrated by the arctic explorer Martin Frobisher in 1578 - more than 40 years before the Pilgrim fathers arrived in the New World.


    Like soccer on Boxing Day in the UK, football (the American version) plays a major role in Thanksgiving.

    The University of Detroit Stadium hosted the first Thanksgiving Day football game in 1934, pitting the Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears.

    Dallas Cowboys fans cheer for their team on Thanksgiving DayGo Dallas: A pair of pilgrims cheer on the Cowboys on Tanksgiving Day

    The game was the brainchild of G.A. Richards, the first owner of the Detroit Lions. He was keen to promote the new franchise in a baseball-mad city, so he approached NBC to get them to broadcast the game across their national radio network. They agreed and the game became the first ever network broadcast event.

    The game was such a hit it became a tradition in the US and football is now an integral part of the day.

    The annual Macy's parade

    Another Thanksgiving tradition is the Macy's parade in New York City - an annual pageant of floats, cheerleaders, marching bands and gigantic balloons.

    A giant Spiderman balloon in the 2014 Macys paradeA giant Spiderman balloon in the 2014 Macys parade  Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

    The parade dates back to the 1920s when many of the immigrant workers at Macy's department store were keen to celebrate the American holiday with the sort of festival their parents had thrown in Europe.

    It originally started from 145th Street in Harlem and ended at Herald Square, making a 6-mile (9.7 km) route.

    The newest route was introduced with the 2012 parade. This change eliminated Times Square and rerouted the parade down Sixth Avenue, a move that was protested by the Times Square BID, Broadway theatre owners and other groups.

    macys-parade-route-nycThe 2015 Thanksgiving Day Parade route

    New York City officials preview the parade route and try to move as many potential obstacles out of the way, including traffic signals.

    Let's talk turkey

    When European settlers encountered turkeys for the first time in the early 1500s, they incorrectly identified the birds as a type of guineafowl.

    Since this group of birds were thought to come from Turkey, the North American bird was dubbed 'turkey fowl'.

    This later became shortened to 'turkey' and entered the vernacular. The English navigator William Strickland, who introduced the turkey into England in 1550, was granted a coat of arms (left) which included a "turkey-cock in his pride proper".

    The official record of his crest in the archives of the College of Arms is said to be the oldest surviving European drawing of a turkey.

    (In Portuguese the translation of turkey is 'peru'. The exotic birds taken back to 16th century Portugal had come from there, you see.)

    The Presidential reprieve

    Eating turkey is actually more associated with Thanksgiving than it is Christmas in the States with over 50 million turkeys served up every year in the US.

    President Obama - watched by his duaghers Sasha and Malia- pardons a lucky turkey'Go in peace, not in pieces': President Obama - watched by his daughers Sasha and Malia - pardons a lucky turkey  Photo: Getty Images

    Every year, though, the POTUS ‘pardons’ at least one turkey. This year, Jihad Douglas, chairman of the National Turkey Federation introduced a pair of turkeys at the Willard Inter Continental Hotel ahead of their 'pardon' by President Obama at the White House.

    The names of the main turkey and his alternate were announced at the annual White House ceremony.

    Jihad Douglas, chairman of the National Turkey Federation introduces two turkeys at the Willard Inter Continental Hotel ahead of their 'pardon' by US President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington, DC. The names of the main turkey and his alternate will be announced at the annual White House ceremony. Both turkeys will reside at their new home, Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia.Jihad Douglas, chairman of the National Turkey Federation introduces 'Honest and 'Abe' at the Willard Inter Continental Hotel ahead of their 'pardon' by US President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington, DC. Both turkeys will reside at their new home, Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia  Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    The public presentation of two prize turkeys to the commander-in-chief in the lead-up to Thanksgiving had been a time-honoured photo op since the 1940s.

    But on Nov 17, 1989 - 200 years after George Washington's proclamation (see above) - President George H.W. Bush formalised the tradition when he pardoned a 50-pound turkey in the White House Rose Garden.

    “Let me assure you," Bush said to the 30 schoolchildren present. "This fine turkey will not end up on anyone’s dinner table, not this guy. He’s granted a presidential pardon as of right now.”

    Two years earlier Ronald Reagan told the assembled press he would have "pardoned" Charlie, the White House turkey at the ceremony that year when he was asked if he would have pardoned the key players in the Iran-Contra scandal.

    The presidential turkey pardon has remained an annual Thanksgiving ritual ever since.


    Here is a look back at the history of the presidential turkey pardon.

    Trains, planes and automobiles: some stats

    The 12-day Thanksgiving period between from Nov 20 to Dec 1 will likely see over 25 million travelling to destinations worldwide according to trade organisation Airlines for America (A4A).

    The projected number of 25.3 million is three per cent higher than the estimated 24.5 million passengers who made the journey in 2014.

    That equates to approximately 65,000 people per day on top of average passengers for a total of 2.7 million people per day.

    The title of this section of course refers to the best film ever on the subject.

    Steve Martin and John Candy in their pomp

    Can I celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK?

    According the 2011 census there were 177,185 Americans living in England and Wales so it’s becoming increasingly fashionable for restaurants and pop-ups to host Thanksgiving meals.

    Also a lot Yanks will be coming to the UK on vacation so they will need to be fed. Here is our round-up of the 13 best places to go enjoy a Thanksgiving feast in the UK.

    Does Britain have an equivalent?

    Yes, it's called Harvest Day, although it's a lot less of a big deal. While we usually take a few non-perishables down to our local church and enter our autumn vegetables in competitions, Thanksgiving in North America is a much more plentiful and extravagent affair.

    The first prize-winning pumpkin at The London Harvest Festival at Lindley Hall, Westminster. The little pumpkin on the right is Henry WatkinsA prize-winning pumpkin at The London Harvest Festival at Lindley Hall, Westminster. The little pumpkin on the right is Henry Watkins (Getty)

    Does the UK care about Thanksgiving?

    Yes, sort of in a commercial sense, although we maybe don't realise it. Black Friday first arrived in the UK five years ago when Amazon thought it would try its luck bringing the American shopping sensation to a new market.

    In 2013, Asda, which is owned by American retail giant Walmart, participated in UK's version of Black Friday, and last year most major UK retailers including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Argos and even British Airways jumped on board.

    And with that, any remaining English decorum flew out the window. Shoppers trampled over each other in their rush to enter stores and police were called to break up fights as consumers grappled over discounted televisions and behaved "like animals".

    Wednesday November 25, 2015

    It seems I am frequently being reminded of, probably the most valuable lesson I have ever been expsoed to, the value of silence, simply keeping ones mouth shut. Oh, I wonder, what would my life have been and where would I be if I had actually learned this truth when it was first given to me; or even within a quarter of a century of my first exposure. Of course I do not actually remember whom it was that first imparted this little bit of wisdom on me but I think it was my mother at a very early age, like perhaps five or six. I do however specifically remember an incident in I think the first grade where a wise old school worker gave me this wonderful advice. Damn, it took over 70 years to fully penetrate my brain. Silence truly is golden. I think I have it now. It is my hope that some younger person(s) take the time to read this and perhaps utilize this little bit so very valuable advise and it can be simply put as "keep your mouth shut"!

    I am sure you will guess that there is much more to this story and of course you will be correct as there is much more. Still, if this lesson or advise is to be taken seriously as it well should and in fact will be taken VERY seriously by me; how can I find a way to tell the story then becomes the challenge. Perhaps I can't but I have it under submission and even if I can't divulge all I shall seek other ways of getting the message delivered.

    Monday November 23, 2015

    Back to work today; may as well as I have not acomplished anything with the computer and website problems.

    Oh, both Arroyo Grande and Nipomo advanced in the CIF playoffs. Nipomo defeated Twenty Nine Palms at home a last-second field goal by Juan Eguiluz lifts Titans to 17-14 win over Twentypalms at home. The Nipomo Titans football team has a neutral playoff game vs. Linfield Christian on Saturday, November 28 @ 6p. (Temecula, CA).

    The Arroyo Grande Eagles football team has a home playoff game vs. Thousand Oaks on Friday, November 27 @ 7p. The Eagles defeated Antelope Valley in Lancaster, Ca. Friday night (Nov. 20) 41 - 0.

    Sunday November 22, 2015

    Friday and Saturday got away from me as I was very occupied and also today so far is quite busy.

    At home I finished the sod install on Saturday morning. Then had some business to do in SLO and it just stayed busy all day. I did finally get to the gym on Saturday evening. I talked with Alan a bit there and then on home. Failed to take Bennie for a walk but we sill be doing one this morning.

    Design work for the site is still delayed and perhaps later today I can do a little bit in that arena.

    Thursday November 19, 2015

    Miracle of sorts but someway I managed to get an update online. I was beginning to think I was doomed to another editing program. I am not real happy with DreamWeaver any longer as Adobe in my opinion has totally trashed this program.

    So My idea of getting a bunch of brick layed today slipped totally away and although I was able to acomplish a little in the yard and patio it was far below my expectations and need. Tomorrow I will try again.

    I will see if I can still upload to the website and try to get a little design work done tonight.

    I will mention it here that I am having a terrible time with adware and malicious browser infections; I have something in chrome (although I have uninstalled it three times) that keeps doing a redirect anytime I click the mouse or actually make any type of selection and it (this virus/adware/blaah) also downloads some program called Treasure Find or something like that. It is a real pain in the backside.

    I have verified that my FTP has transfered successfully at least four times today; I did have to go no the website to get some info about my account(s) and I had to change a password but now it appears okay.>

    Of course I am not happy with my layout but it has been two months since I worked on that at all. I will be changing the page layout as soon as I have the time and a good idea. I am sure I will go back to the column design of some sort. I do miss my old page a little (of course I could always go back to it as I have all the code and necessarys) but I am striving for something that is mutually appealling as a functional site and I will try to incorporate a site that is open to user participation. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome you can send me an email at the following link or as you choose @

    Cort's email

    Wednesday November 18, 2015

    Actually could repeat what I said back on 09/30/15 but that is a month an over half gone by already.

    I really have a lot to report but I will not be getting to it tonight as it is already late and I have a bunch of bricks to lay tomorrow. Today it did get more of the lawn area ready for more sod that is supposed to be available on Friday at Home Depot. This all has to do with the major (it really shouldn'd have become a major project but none the less it did) lawn and fence project here at home. So for now I will be stopping and try to see if I can get the web site updated...

    Wednesday September 30, 2015

    There goes another month and this year is now beginning to get really short.

    No news to report today just making an appearance.

    Friday August 28, 2015

    I am preparing to offer a bunch of my plumbing items for sale and will have a list posted here by early next week.

    A 4-year-old boy died in Las Vegas after a relative left him locked in a car as temperatures neared 100 degrees Thursday night, officials said.

    Such a tragedy that cannot be justified in any way; it is so heart-breaking. Las Vegas Child

    Where every Fed member stands on raising interest rates

    Wednesday August 26, 2015

    I can keep saying the same thing each time although of course something has happened and it is just that I do not immediately recall exactly when and or what.

    Even though I am fairly certain no-one knows or cares what I say here and I understand that so far it is not much for sure; I will continue to make occasional entries in the effort of stimulating some idea of creating something useful.

    Monday August 24, 2015

    Not much has changed since the last note. Having a lot of trouble with the machines right now and I will get it all sorted soon.

    It seems I tire too quickly and that is not a good thing in any respect that I am aware of.

    I will continue to think I can do it all but there is no proof of that at this time. Hope everyone has a super good week and continuing onward into the far future.

    Tuesday August 18, 2015

    Slow progress continues on all fronts of my endeavors. I am also involved with AutoCAD Architecture relearning processes and that too is very slow; One big problem is my involvement with the Yard Remodel Project at 556 Bakeman which is necessitated mostly by the ongoing drought. Perhaps by weekend I may be able to make some progress on all fronts.

    Drought related is the massive Forrest fires throughout the West United States. Yesterday or Monday evening on Cuesta Grade near San Luis Obispo a vehicle is thought to have started a fast spreading brush fire and it could easily become catastrophic with many homes in the potential path(s).

    Sunday August 16, 2015

    Once again I apologize for not keeping at least up to date even though the content and site are still a mess.

    I have made little progress with the CSS3 or Dreamweaver wholly and also I have been trying to gain a little recovery in AutoCAD Architecture. So far the results are weak.

    Ahead the decisions of hosting and content are still on top of the priority list. Perhaps very soon I can say what direction(s) has been selected.

    Monday August 3, 2015

    The content here is just a bit late and too, incomplete, but here it is for today at least. Much has been going on in my little world and I will not attempt to divulge it here and now, perhaps later, but I must admit I have not progressed far in the quest to regain a level of competence for this web site.

    Thursday July 16, 2015

    I have managed to update some files but I am not able to synchronize the server with local and because of that I will continue to modify local files attempting to pare them down. While DW shows that I am connected to the web I always have doubts and this entry may let me know if I am as of this entry which is actually on 7/15/15 at about 21:35.

    Surprised me but I did upload the above and if this is seen "Ta-DA" then I am still connected. 21:39: I checked on CFS (I am working on HP519) and all of this current info other than the paragraph I am currently writing and I will try to upload it too in a few minutes...of course I will edit most or all of this out a little later I hope. ctz 21:42:

    All the above made it quickly so I will try to explain why I am suspicious. I am working tonight with he router on and broadcasting (not sure that is the correct phraseology) and that is something that was not happening often or at all before; actually I only know that it did one or maybe two times before and by that I am referring to the FTP connection with the browser operational. All other times I have uploaded material I have had to take the router out of the network and hook "Charter 556" directly to a computer. These connections are made with the PIA operational and I am connected to Silicon Valley I think to implement a VPN I think. There is much I do not yet know about the PIA & VPN and the Router included. I have much to learn and I have clearly exhibited how weak I am at this process. Now to explain a bit further I read that one could accidentally hook up on an FTP routing merely by chance but it is more or less random if the router settings are not specifically set for what one is trying to do and this is as to ports and connections etc. 21:58:

    Now it has failed one upload as I added the time (21:58) resaved and uploaded but that is not showing when I open the website. I will see if this last paragraph shows but then I will be doing other work and not trying these uploads for testing until much later this evening. ctz 22:03:

    Wednesday July 15, 2015

    Not going to say much; I am just using this as a marker for right now... I still have a lot of repair work to do on the site.

    July 14, 2015

    Two full weeks of July, jeez -- much to fast, gone already. Is it the way we let our mind work or do we have any control over how quickly time goes by? If anyone knows I would sure like to try and adapt.

    Finally I was able to get a start on the domain upgrade but still a long way to go. I will keep trying and-hope that I can get a little more efficient.

    July 10, 2015

    Yeah, I know, I am very slow getting this site running properly and I apologize for that. I am making some headway; but, by stretching, I am able to understand that a reasonable mind may have some difficulty accepting such a hypotheses. I feel doubly bad because OI actually knew much of what I am relearning now some time in the past but with me if I do not use it for awhile it has a way of slipping away. Strangely too, the light bulb seldom lights, it is much like a total relearning process...not good for me. My very weak defense is that I am, well you-know, from Arkansas.

    Wednesday July 1, 2015

    Progress is very slow with getting this domain organized.

    I most likely will not be placing anything of substance here for a few days but will try to use just a little wit if I can possibly find spare.

    Monday June 29, 2015

    Anyone that happen to be following this presentation (such that it is) will I am sure wonder/question, WTF, - actually I do too.

    I have been having problems from more than one angle and I suppose the truth then is that I have not been diligent enough to bring this to a presentable level. Hopefully in the near future I will find a solution and change that.

    So, just to weakly alibi, I have been having trouble too with my router and being able to connect to my FTP server through the router consistently. I have discovered that merely by accident on occasion the connection may be made and lead one to think their problem solved but it is not. I will not try to explain it here but later I will give links to anyone who may be interested. I know that statement or thought is quite vain as anyone who might be reading anything I write here can easily find the same thing quickly on the net as it has evolved and that any effort I make is actually just a repetition for purposes of my own which I am not able to easily explain.

    I am also trying to get under my hat the rules on tags and which tags no longer require a closing tag, or perhaps never did they.

    I had one course in XML and that syntax was quite strict in requiring closing tags whereas it appears that HTML5 is very liberal. On top of that (conceptually) I have discovered it is the specific browser's programmed (purposely or not) interpretation of various code that determines how that browser will interpret any specific code and the display of same code can vary a good bit between these specific browsers. This is of course my mere understanding and as with many of my thoughts could be ass backwards. Or not.

    It is in that vein that I ask the reader of any of my ramblings to believe me that I am well aware that I am no intellectual giant and in fact my struggle for the correct words might convey a spurious presentation BUT it is never my intent to do so. Often I do not know for sure if I have chosen wisely my words.

    It is not too likely that all of this rambling today will ever go Online but who knows.

    Content for class "sayWhat" Goes Here AND I don't know what the "sayWhat" class is??


    Tuesday, June 2, 2015

    I doubt you will believe it but yesterday was June 1, 2015 and we are trucking through this year at an unbelievable pace at least to my reckoning. I have not got a handle on the website yet and neither have I refreshed my memory much on the use of Dreamweaver; where oh where has my mind gone... Oh well there is nothing I know of that I can do but to keep pushing forward even though the pusher is not what it once was. I spoke with Jim a couple of hours ago and he laid over three-hundred bricks in his patio today. Made me envious as I have my front lawn all torn up and the sod stripped out and did nothing with it Sunday and Monday and now Tuesday. When Jim has a job to do he is always balls out on it; me, I always let it sit and revert back to planning a lot. Seriously, I have no clue what I actually want to do in the front but hopefully something comes to me soon. As in a plan!

    Having said that I do have to edit a couple of items in this site to try to figure out what all is not working and how to fix it...good luck...):

    Friday, May 29, 2015

    This is a little early as I missed an entry for the 28th and did not get to work here as early as I had hoped that I would. So just a few tidbits for the 29th of May. I noticed this is the birth date of President Kennedy and Bob Hope too; amazingly Bob Hope lived to celebrate 100 years on this date 2003.

    Oh, here is a little thing we posted back in 2008. How much could I have saved had I really followed these suggestions?

    December 20, 2008

    A little about the OIL CRISIS and what we CAN DO


    I think something like this is worth thinking about and the more friends we prompt the better chance we all have....and can you think of anything negative that this could cause (leaving the car parked) ???

    Ran across the following article at ( -- for those who want more) and it prompted me about a few peeves I have... 

    Don't you just hate the way prices come down so slow and grudgingly? really tick's me off! but what can you do about it? Well believe it or not we (WE) can do something and this article surely lends strong credence to that thought.

    Try to imagine all the "side benefits" we get (each of us) when we drive less miles....

    • More $ in pocket
    • Less chance of accident and that equals BIG $$ +
    • Car lasts longer---
    • May get more done at home ??
    • less chance of being victim of road rage
    • More time to talk on cell phone (Legally!!!)
    • HOW many can you think of?

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    I don't have anything important to say except that I did enjoy the Memorial Day Service on the Pismo Beach Pier. Jim and I have been going to these services for several years now, they have one for both Veterans Day which is now back on November 11th and on Memorial Day always a Monday...(as per the law). It is rewarding that there are many good people who make sure these events take place.

    Monday, May 25, Memorial Day 2015;

    Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day) is observed to honor all US military personnel who have died during all wars and military actions in which the United States has been involved.

    From 1868 until 1970 (103 years) it was observed on May 30. In 1971 the Uniform Monday Holiday Act went into effect and since that year Memorial Day has been the last Monday in the month of May. The late US Senator from Hawaii, Daniel Inouye (September 7, 1924 - December 17, 2012), had introduced a bill in the Senate repeatedly to restore Memorial Day to its original date of May 30, just like Veterans Day was restored from the last Monday in October to it original date of November 11. The bill to restore Memorial Day has not been passed, yet.
    Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor veterans that gave their lives while serving in the United States Military.

    And gave their life is key. In my opinion this day of remembering should be on a specific day and it (in my opinion) should return to the date that sufficed for 103 years that being the 30th of May as Senator Inouye had so gallantly fought to have restored.

    So, many say, well I want to have a three day holiday and go to the beach or somewhere that is waiting to take my money. To that I say fine take a day off anytime you wish and make it a three day holiday take two days if you wish. That though is the problem we face on many issues in our country today and that is that the commercial lobbyist have influenced the legislatures to the degree that they tend to dehumanize for the sake of big business making the extra dollar(s).


    May 15, 2015

    Just recently was able to correct the link in the button above (BOUHS Pic's) and that should work now. I have been experiencing problems because I neglected the site for a long period of time. I do intend to improve it and make a bunch of changes soon. 

    The more English oddities in the section below I will leave here for now but I will eliminate most of the other 'daily' entries; I am always fascinated with the words and grammar and I know so very little about it. I sure am not a writer and I certainly realize many of my shortcomings so what I do will not be right a lot of the time but I will do the best I can...Oh, yeah, one thing, I love using semi-colons (;) and i will and I know that they will not be properly used, but i just like em.

    The web itself,is of course ever rapidly changing, has changed a bit since I last published (so to speak) here. The sites I visited and read daily have all changed or gone away. So I will be looking for new stuff to plagiarize, I have never had an original thought; I am fairly certain (and I know/think that was not a proper use of the (;)) everything I ever think someone else before me also thought, aye. So what you going do? when I think of it I will give credit to the plagiarizer I plagiarize from okay.

    I want to eventually turn this site into something for everyone and I am thinking of an organization that could be effective in calling for leadership responsibility; this will be a tough nut and is rather lofty at the moment so any ideas will be gratefully received


    Sunday February 10, 2013...

    More English language oddities

    Subject: Why the English language is difficult We'll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes;
    but the plural of ox became oxen not oxes.
    One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese,
    yet the plural of moose should never be meese.

    You may find a lone mouse or a nest full of mice;
    yet the plural of house is houses, not hice.

    If the plural of man is always called men,
    why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen?

    If I spoke of my foot and show you my feet,
    and I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet?

    If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth,
    why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?

    Then one may be that, and three would be those,
    yet hat in the plural would never be hose,
    and the plural of cat is cats, not cose.

    We speak of a brother and also of brethren,
    but though we say mother, we never say methren.

    Then the masculine pronouns are he, his and him,
    but imagine the feminine, she, shis and shim.

    What words were coined by Robert Heinlein? The most famous of the words coined by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein is arguably the verb to grok, meaning to fully and deeply understand a concept or a piece of knowledge to the point that it becomes a part of you. This word comes from his 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land, about a human being born on Mars who comes to Earth. TANSTAAFL — There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch — comes from The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. A Waldo, from the story of the same name, is a remotely operated arm or body. And a moonbat, which was first used as such in Heinlein's short story "Space Jockey," is a derogatory term referring to a liberal or a progressive political thinker. It is the counterpart of a wingnut, which is generally used to insult a person on the right side of the political spectrum. Robert Heinlein was born on July 7, 1907.

    Quote: "Being intelligent is not a felony. But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor." Lazarus Long in Time Enough For Love by Robert Heinlein
    See previous spotlights: Republican Party, bikini, Koko

    July 06, 2012

    Republican Party
    In the United States, which is older, the Republican Party or the Democratic? The Democratic Party has been around since 1832 (originally titled, confusingly, “the Democratic-Republican party”). The Republican Party held its first official meeting on this date in 1854 in Jackson, Mississippi. It was organized by disgruntled antislavery members of the Democratic and Whig parties in opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which expanded slavery northwards into an area where the Missouri Compromise had banned it. The first Republican candidate for president of the US was John C. Fremont, who lost to James Buchanan in 1856; the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln, who took office in 1861.

    Quote: "The term 'serious actor' is kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Like 'Republican party' or 'airplane food.'" Johnny Depp
    See previous spotlights: bikini, Koko, Dave Barry

    July 05, 2012
    Where did the bikini get its name? The teeny-tiny two-piece swimsuit was named after Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, where, from 1946-1958, 23 nuclear tests were conducted by the United States. The bikini was designed by a car engineer-turned-lingerie-boutique-manager, a Frenchman named Louis Réard, along with fashion designer Jacques Heim. It is widely assumed that the name chosen by Réard indicated a belief that the bikini would cause an explosive reaction. The literal meaning in the Marshallese language is appropriate, too: from pik meaning "surface" and ni meaning "coconut." The bikini was introduced in Paris on this date in 1946. The inhabitants of Bikini Atoll were relocated before the tests, then were resettled back on Bikini but experienced deleterious effects on their health and left again. They receive compensation from the US government.

    Quote: "The French girls can wear them if they want to, but I still don't approve of them on American girls." BeBe Shopp, Miss America 1948
    See previous spotlights: Koko, Dave Barry, Tour de France

    July 1 is missing from archives I think.... If I only knew what the archives are I might be able to resolve this little blip...but alas as so often is the case --- I don't know ----.... Darn, I actually found the archives links and most of them work save a couple that I will look into and fix or move real soon (thats my plan but not a guarantee)


    TOP of Page

    Saturday February 9, 2013...

    Top 10 English language oddities


    1. “Bookkeeper” is the only word that has three consecutive doubled letters.

    2. The two longest words with only one of the six vowels including y are the 15-letter defenselessness and respectlessness.

    3. “Forty” is the only number which has its letters in alphabetical order. “One” is the only number with its letters in reverse alphabetical order.

    4. The superlatively long word honorificabilitudinitatibus (27 letters) alternates consonants and vowels.

    5. Antidisestablishmentarianism listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, was considered the longest English word for quite a long time, but today the medical term pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is usually considered to have the title, despite the fact that it was coined to provide an answer to the question ‘What is the longest English word?’.

    6. “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest tongue twister in English.

    7. There is only one common word in English that has five vowels in a row: queueing.

    8. The two longest words with only one of the six vowels including y are the 15-letter defenselessness and respectlessness.

    9. “Asthma” and “isthmi” are the only six-letter words that begin and end with a vowel and have no other vowels between.

    10 “Rhythms” is the longest English word without the normal vowels, a, e, i, o, or u.


    Tuesday July 10, 2012: All those fireworks!...

    This was/is the day the big Malware virus is supposed to deny internet hookups to 67,000 internet users by changing the DNS id...
    1. The bandage is wound around the wound.
    2. The farm is used to produce produce.

    3. The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.
    4. We must polish the Polish furniture.
    5. He could lead if he would get the lead out.
    6. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert
    7. .

    Saturday June 30, 2012: tick tock!...

    Often I mention here that one has to be very aware that all you read on the internet is not reliable information. The following is a good example of what I refer to. I became painfully aware of the unreliability of the internet articles and such early on, near 20 years back, in my internet experience. If you want to see the article about the RIAA suing for $73 TRILLION click on the yesterdays link above and it is dated Friday June 22, 2012.

    We missed Sunday somehow!

    Friday June 22, 2012: tick tock!...

    Today is the Brea-Olinda Union High School Class of 1957 reunion at Carbon Canyon Park in Brea, Ca.

    Often I mention here that one has to be very aware that all you read on the internet is not reliable information. The following is a good example of what I refer to. I became painfully aware of the unreliability of the internet articles and such early on, near 20 years back, in my internet experience.

    Where The Story Came From

    In May 2012’s Pat Pilcher claimed the RIAA was suing Limewire for $72 trillion. Two days later an article about this showed up on NME’s website, written by an anonymous reporter. The story has since been taken down, so far as I can tell.

    It was a fantastic story – the RIAA suing Limewire for $72 trillion – more money than exists on earth. Too bad it was fake. A year-old post taken out of context somehow convinced the Internet that tiny Limewire (remember them?) was being sued for all of earth’s money. Sites like Lifehacker, Business Insider and The Onion’s AV Club all reported it as fact. Even CBS News briefly featured the story before deleting it.

    I’m not trying to blame these news organizations, however. It’s not hard to see why this story spread quickly. It includes everything the Internet loves – absurdly large numbers, the music industry being out of touch with reality and a handy conclusion – copyright holders can’t be trusted. But again – it’s not true. No one was ever sued for $72 trillion. Ever.

    You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, particularly if it’s something you want to believe as badly as this story. Come to think of it, especially if it’s something you want to believe as badly as this story. It’s been a while since all of this happened – the story “broke” in late May. But there’s a lesson here about how news spreads in the Internet age, and how it’s important to question things and find reliable sources before repeating something.


    Monday June 18, 2012: I don't have a clue what to do to slow it down but June is half gone already!

    I am leaving this thing up one more day and will add some content in a little while.

    I came upon a website that may be interesting to some; it is called ATS for Above Top Secret. I came upon that site while exploring EG&G they being a very high level contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission and the Military as well as other government agencies; also they have a lot of presence within Area 51. That (Area 51) being a highly written about and speculative top secret site North of Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently URS now owns EG&G and URS is quite a story too. A good summary for EG&G can be drawn from this Wikipedia entry but remember not to take Wikipedia (or any unverified source of) information as gospel because anyone can enter and or edit information there; however the information posted on Wikipedia has been subject to some scrunity and most likely is at least close to accurate but still not good enough to be put forth as absolute fact.

    None the less it is a good start just please know that the internet is not the best source of information overall. (good information is available on the internet but in order to VERIFY one would be wise to document and verify; often a difficult task.) Please understand that I am voicing my opinion based on my experiences and observations searching and researching on the web.

    Monday May 28, 2012: MEMORIAL DAY

    Memorial Day Ceremony

    Pismo Beach Pier Monday, May 28, 2012 11:00 am The guest speaker will be General Michael Carns, former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. The ceremony will include a presentation of colors, MIA/POW Honors, a presentation of wreath, and a reading of the "Unknown Soldier".

    Jim and I attended the ceremony; it was very well orchestrated and the speaker, Gen. Carns, delivered an appropriate tribute. Also present was congresswoman Lois Capps who gave a short speech and she paid tribute to Robert and Cheryl Tolan of Arroyo Grande who have organized "Welcome Home Military Heros". The purpose of which is to make sure any returning service person is greeted and thanked when they touch ground near home for the service they have given; be the "welcome home" greeting/group at an airport or train station and perhaps even a bus station. I do not know how they know when the service person is arriving but hopefully there is a connection to the military administration that helps co-ordinate this effort. I will try to post more information regarding all this as soon as I can learn.

    The following information is for those who may be interested in learning more; Welcome Home Military Heros and the phone numbers for the Tolan's are 805-441-0221 for Cheryl; 805-441-062 for Robert. Email .

    Hold over Saturday May 26, 2012; Friday May 25, 2012 previously posted (the list below) on Saturday July 17, 2010:

    Interesting that the # 16. item is in todays "Quote" and attributed to Martha Garahm whom I know not. If you are curious you can find out about her here

    While I was stumbling around on the internet I came across this little list of things that an individual named Mr. Dave Barry is credited with writing and assembling. In the interim I copied the list then tried to find how to properly give credit and get permission to post on my site. I discovered that Mr. Barry has apparently written the article with the same heading but different things (he has learned) in the list and changed the order; there is more than one list with the same heading and I can certainly understand that. At any rate let us give Mr. Barry credit as the penman of this list and I may remove it tomorrow....
    No time to edit yet...Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande!

    16 Things It Took Me 50 Years to Learn

    by Dave Barry

    1. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling
    reason why we observe daylight savings time.

    2. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.

    3. The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.

    4. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender,
    religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we
    ALL believe that we are above average drivers.

    5. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11.

    6. There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

    7. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

    8. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has
    not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be

    9. The main accomplishment of almost all organized protests is to annoy
    people who are not in them.

    10. If there really is a God who created the entire universe with all of
    its glories, and He decides to deliver a message to humanity, He WILL NOT
    use, as His messenger, a person on cable TV with a bad hairstyle.

    11. You should not confuse your career with your life.

    12. A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice

    13. No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too

    14. When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one
    individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very
    often, that individual is crazy.

    15. Your friends love you, anyway.

    16. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

    Monday July 26, 2010:
    BP may be axing CEO shortly according to the rumor mill;

    U.S. Markets a little wobbly starting but appear to be on the upswing at 0716 PDT the Dow sitting at 10,490 +65 ish.

    Friday July 16, 2010:

    Market Down Big

    The Dow is down 200 points 3 hours into the session (1230 EDT) and there is not much to reason for blame; but what to heck the market finds reason in strange places.

    BP was (unexplainable to my reasoning) up sharply yesterday after announcing they had the cap on the well and had stopped the spillage at least for the time being; still a lot of unanswered questions and innuendo surround the mystery that is created by the lack of intelligent answers.

    They are talking (maybe, who knows from the reliability of the media and the performers) about testing the well to see if it will hold in the event that it has to be shut in; duh? what does it matter they have acknowledged long ago that the relief wells being drilled are the only sure way to plug the well and that is entirely understandable if you know anything about what may have happened down the well...

    BUT what they are fearing from the pressure tests is that more will be revealed about the irresponsible way the well was engineered and even if their failures are to be there is no good reason to take the chance of rupturing the formation and the unlikely but possible opening of a separate fracture to the sea floor which most likely could never be alleviated.

    They have the cap in position and should be capturing any oil they can (because this in theory should be further exhausting some of the pressure on the zone as it will not last forever unless it is some undefined new discovery of infinite energy) from the new well head in place.

    Hey guys if a hurricane comes it is going to come and wherever you are at that time cannot be changed so there is no need to waste any time on useless tests that only tell you a little and could be more harmful to the zone or the upper well area as well.

    It would be far more sensible to leave one of the vents open letting a little oil spill in case of a hurricane rather than take a chance on an irreparable event possibly happening as a result of closing in the well. Still we should all understand that there is some reason BP has these doubts and that is not being revealed and may never be revealed. Else there would be no concern over the potential of having to close the newly installed wellhead. The relief wells still must be implemented in order to successfully plug the well... Give me a break; tell the truth for a couple of days....

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  • Some folks born on this day.....

  • Cortez Cate, born on November 7, 1938

  • Billy Graham born on November 7, 1918
  • Keith Lockhart (1959)
  • Joni Mitchell (1943) ("Both Sides Now" song with some relevance.....)
  • Dean Jagger (1903)
  • Leon Trotsky (1897)
  • Al Hirt (1922)
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